Track My Bag

We understand the upset and frustration that is experienced when luggage is misrouted or mishandled by the airline on your arrival to Copenhagen. It is our pleasure to reunite your personal property to you as soon as possible.
Please enter your file reference number and surname to track your delivery. In the event that nothing is displayed when entering your details, please call the airline.
As a company we do not trace or locate bags; this function is performed by the airline or handling agent appointed by the airline.
Once we receive the baggage from the airline or agent and our courier has been allocated, you will receive a call to confirm an estimated delivery time. Please note that there is a short delay between the baggage delivery order arriving in to our system and the item(s) being scanned in to our warehouse before the courier is allocated to the delivery.
It is our company policy to gain signatures on every delivery; we cannot leave items unsigned for.

Thank you for your co-operation.


The Team behind TrackMyBag